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User Agreement

Your Accommodation Agreement with Fanadak.com

1. Commission percentage- The commission percentage shall be 15% after three month from registration.
2. Execution and performance- The Agreement is only effective after approval and confirmation by Fanadak.com
3. General delivery terms- This Agreement is subject to and governed by the General Delivery Terms (the "Terms and Conditions"). The Accommodation declares that it has read and hereby accepts the terms and conditions.

 Introduction

Whereas the first party works in the field of hotel bookings through its online websites and provides its services in this field by the same site, with its owner Fanadak Company; and whereas the client may book the hotel through this website whether inside or outside the Kuwait, and whereas the second party is a hotel that provides hotelier services and bookings, and reference to the purposes of this contract; both parties agreed to fulfill and accomplish this contract.
The introduction shall be considered part and parcel of this contract and shall be read with it as one unit.
1- It is permitted to amend this contract or part of it based on the written agreement of both parties.

 Second:

First party's commitments:
1- The first party provides its services with the required care and according to the technical international standards enforced in this field for the purposes of completing booking process.
2- The first party, as an owner of the website that serves online bookings, owned by Fanadak Company, shall enable the client to access the website and review the prices of the available hotel bookings; in order to be able of book through the site.
3- The client books the hotel chosen by him/her through the website
owned by the first party.
4- In case of deleting a reservation on the website by the lodger within 24 hours, the first party shall not pay any financial fine and in case the lodger changed the date of stay agreed previously, the fine shall be upon the lodger and the first party shall not pay any fine.
5- The first party shall issue a detailed monthly invoice to the second party issued by Fanadak Company indicating the details of each booking amount.

 Second party commitments:

1- The second party shall provide the first party with all facilitations, declaration, approvals and any requirements imposed by the laws and procedures for the purpose of completing the booking process which is confirmed by the website.
2- The second party of which its hotel is booked shall confirm the booking and fulfill the amount of booking through one of the accepted payment methods.
3- The second party shall pay the percentage of 15% to the first party of the total booking amount and it shall be deducted from the final invoice amount.
4- The second party shall issue a detailed monthly invoice for the first party with the amount of bookings reserved through the website for the first party and according to the previously agreed percentages.
5- When there are any differences in the statements of accounts from both parties; they shall be revised by the accountants of the first and second party.

 Both parties' commitments:

1- Both parties shall maintain top confidentiality and non-disclosure.
2- In case a dispute emerges, Kuwait Court shall be competent for
3- This contract is issued in two original copies, one copy for each party.
4- This agreement shall enter into force as of the date of being signed by both parties.
This agreement has been concluded and signed by both parties in Kuwait, and it consists of Four clauses including this one, and was issued in two copies.